About Us

We are the Premier Customizers of your health. We provide Compounded Prescriptions and Natural Supplements to keep you healthy.


To compound specialized medications and offer nutritional solutions to people for their health
concerns. Provide educational support for our patients and the general public regarding health and
health matters. This is done with the patient in mind to provide healthy solutions for our patients.
Custom Health Pharmacy® provides a unique pharmacy experience to the patient and physicians
in all of Northeastern Wisconsin. Services offered include, but are not limited to, compounded
prescriptions, bio-identical hormone services, skin test services, and medications counseling. We
look at the whole person and provide solutions to the patients’ health concerns.


We opened Custom Health Pharmacy in Manitowoc WI in November 2007 and are completely
independently locally owned and operated. As time went by we realized that the space in Manitowoc
could no longer meet our needs so we decided to expand to Green Bay. In October of 2015, the
Manitowoc location became “Custom Health” and we opened Custom Health Pharmacy in Green
Bay. Pharmacy services were moved to the Green Bay location because it reflected the regional
aspect of our business as we often are serving all of Northeastern Wisconsin.

Owners John and Donna Sowinski have lived in Manitowoc since 1990, and Donna grew up in


​”When asked what I do and I say compounding, the next thing I usually get is a puzzled look on the
person’s face. This is not surprising since compounding is so new. The funny thing about saying this
is, that it is not new at all. Before medications were manufactured, all medications were compounded.
Compounding Pharmacy is the long standing process of mixing drugs by a pharmacist to
fit the unique needs of a patient.”  John Sowinski, Pharmacist

Our Stores are unique, check out information about both:

​​Custom Health in Manitowoc

Custom Health Pharmacy in Green Bay

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