Eliminate Toxins – February 2016​

Are you taking in toxic chemicals?

Do you take in chemicals that are toxic to you? That is like asking if you are alive. In the world we live we have toxins all over the place. It is just a fact of life. Luckily the body has a mechanism to take care of these toxins. Detoxification takes place in a number of body systems. However, the principal organ of detoxification is the liver. Life is dependent upon the liver’s function as the primary defense against toxins and chemicals that enter from the bloodstream. The liver is challenged to detoxify 24 hours a day.

There are 2 phases of detoxification in the liver. In phase 1 the liver changes the toxins into a chemical that can actually be more toxic to the body. In phase 2, however, the liver makes the toxin less toxic. These byproducts are then eliminated from the body. They are eliminated via the kidney into your urine or into the intestines and are eliminated in the stool. There are many ways the body eliminates toxins.

Since the body eliminates these toxins eventually through the kidneys and through the intestines, making sure your gastrointestinal system and kidneys are healthy is essential to eliminate these toxins. The best way to ensure that your gastrointestinal (GI) system is healthy is to make sure you are having healthy bowel movements. The number one way to ensure this is to take in enough fiber. It is recommended you get at least 35 gm of fiber every day. Another way to make sure your GI system is healthy is to have a healthy gut flora. There are trillions of bacteria in your GI system and the wrong bacteria can cause many problems. A probiotic is therefore essential. Finally, elimination of toxins also happens through the kidneys and the best way to make sure these toxins are eliminated is to drink plenty of water.

Also essential to eliminating toxins is to have a healthy liver. With the extra toxins in our lives the liver can get overworked and supporting the detoxification process can help. Effective detoxification in the body begins and ends with glutathione. Glutathione is recognized as the most important antioxidant in the body and is found in every cell of the body. It is essential for liver detoxification and it plays an important role in both phase I and phase II of liver detoxification. Taking glutathione orally can help restore effective glutathione levels in the body; however, the glutathione needs to be liposomal to be effectively absorbed. Liposomal means that it is coated or “surrounded” molecularly to enhance oral absorption. Restoration of glutathione stores can have a major impact on many disease states such as pulmonary disease, liver disease and neurological disease.

Another way to support healthy glutathione levels is by taking n-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), the major precursor for increasing glutathione stores in the body. It should always be accompanied by 1000 mg of vitamin C to prevent stone formation.

Another way to support healthy glutathione levels is with alpha lipoic acid (ALA.) ALA has been shown to increase glutathione stores by 30-70 percent. ALA has other benefits as well as it helps insulin work more effectively in diabetic patients and has been shown to slow brain aging and may help to maintain memory.

Supporting liver and kidney health, and GI function is essential to your health as we need to eliminate the toxins that we come into contact with. Having the right support for these functions can be achieved with the right mix of supplements. Custom Health Pharmacy has what you need to help support health elimination of the toxins you are subject to. Stop in at Custom Health Pharmacy on Willard drive to discuss these supplements.