Hormone Consultation Program

Custom Health Pharmacy Hormone Consultation Program

Custom Health Pharmacy can manage your hormone patients. Bio-identical hormone therapy has grown and it isn’t surprising. It is popular because women are getting results. Custom Health Pharmacy can manage your hormone patients. We have over 15 years of experience in managing hormone patients and we can take care of your patients with for you.

As your partner we can take the burden of managing your hormone patients. With our extensive experience and our HRT Specialist we can completely take over the management of your patient, collaborate with you on dosing or the next step to treat your patient.

To illustrate how we can help your hormone patients, consider the following scenarios.

  • A patient expresses concern of symptoms that relate to hormone problems. A perfect example is the 49-year-old woman whose periods have started to become erratic and she complains of hot flashes. You can write a prescription that simply says, “Hormone Management Program” and have her come to us. We will make recommendations and upon your approval, therapy will be initiated.
  • Same patient comes in and you run tests to determine hormone levels. You send those lab tests and symptoms to our pharmacist and we send over our recommendation for treatment. On receipt of your prescription, we will provide the appropriate therapy.

As you can see from these scenarios, we can work together in the best way that will help your practice. We are trained and are able to recommend doses or changes when appropriate. In the first scenario we can completely manage the hormone therapy, with your approval throughout the process.

Furthermore, if you have the desire to develop your own bio-identical hormone practice, we have resources to help you do that.

Please call us with questions about this program that we can customized just to your needs, the same way we customize the prescriptions for your patients.